Well!  The Mom was STILL tired Friday night, so went to bed early, which meant that TODAY…

  • she was up at 6 am, and immediately put the ribs on to cook, so they’d be ready for sauce & bbq at suppertime (which supper, btw, happened in the pouring rain)
  • went raspberry picking
  • came home and fed lunch to people, of raspberries, among other things
  • scanned in 3 books for Rej’s Improvement
  • made diagram notes in one of the books
  • got finger food ready for tomorrow’s double bridal shower after church
  • cooked rice, butter beans, and the ribs for supper (and a small salad for The One Who doesn’t like beans)
  • went on her mile-walk
  • did a bit of treadmill, so as to keep in the Treadmill Habit
  • had her shower
  • Now “ready & rarin” for an episode of Bonanza!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ll stop here by Old Man Willow to rest (it’s about 5:30 pm).

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