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David preached a great sermon today as usual… sure wish… never mind!

His topic was “Raiders of the Ark”, which was to sort of match the “hero” theme from Daycamp.  The scripture of course, was about the Ark of the Covenant, and when Moses was up in the mountain, and the Israelites got impatient because he wasn’t coming back.  Dave’s 5 points were:

  • Be patient:  when God seems to be absent (as Moses seemed to be to the Israelites), is actually at work, preparing His people for what comes next (as He is with our church as search for a new Lead Pastor);
  • Be faithful:  they made a golden idol, but our idols might be… having a “form” of worship, without actually having God’s presence; just because we’re doing something GOOD, doesn’t mean we’re being OBEDIENT;
  • Be discerning:  about God’s presence–Moses refused to continue if God wasn’t going to go with them; (this point kind of goes with the previous one)
  • Be ready:  we are, in a sense, God’s Ark, with His law written on our hearts.  The Israelites were to be a “kingdom of priests”, or mediators to bring the other nations to God.

That last point leads into something we feel God is asking us to be obedient about very currently.  We posted here about it–the meeting where all the newer folks at our church were saying that we’re an “unwelcoming church”.  Rob mentioned it during prayer time, and suggested that we really need to be sure to pray & reach out to our community, and guard against being too “inward”.  The Mom brought it up twice today, and people seemed to really “latch on” to the subject… some agreeing that maybe we were kind of “over proud” for a long time about how “welcoming” we were, so that we didn’t recognize when we STOPPED being that way,

The Mom sat on The Other Side of the church, and met someone who has been coming for three years, and she’s never seen her before!  Others too, are determined to sit somewhere DIFFERENT every Sunday.  So… the pastor is going to get rather confused!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re rescued from Old Man Willow by Tom Bombadil.

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