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In our post “People Are Doing Things”, over a week ago, we mentioned that Pappy, Randy & Jonathan were doing the Meech Lake Triathalon (now called something else).  We didn’t say very much more about it, however…

The Mom has certainly been blurbing about it–both last week on Facebook, and yesterday she emailed practically everyone in her address book PLUS jumping up and down in Facebook:  the Sunday edition of the Ottawa Citizen had a HALF PAGE article all about it!!  She was rather bursting-at-the-seams-with-pride for her father, brother, and nephew.

The article explains how Randy has been doing triathalons (and other such races) for years, with his parents watching and cheering him on.  This year he mentioned to Pappy about doing a race together, and was a little surprised when Pappy said “yes”–Randy said “Are you sure?”, etc.  (since Pappy does have an achy knee).  With Pappy training and getting ready for the race, it was hard for Randy’s son Jonathan to refuse to join them for the third leg of the race.  (Jonathan has developed fitness in the past with all kinds of karate competitions).  So it was quite a big deal, to have three generations doing the race:  47-yr. old starting with the swim, 18-yr. old doing the bike, finishing with a 72-yr. old doing the “run”–6.4 kilometres.  He paced himself, running and walking, and finished in 67 minutes (he thought it would take an hour and a half).  Randy & Jonathan met him near the end, and the three of them did the last several yards, with Nanny taking pictures of course!

So the article focuses quite a bit on Pappy–how he did white water rafting a few years ago, jumping off a 15-ft. high cliff for a swim, how he makes trails on his land and pulls out stumps just for something to do… and how he’s hoping to hang on until his great-grandson (who is now 5) is old enough and can be included for ANOTHER triathalon!!  Apparently people were talking at the event… “Did you see the grandpa?”

We tend to take him for granted… he’s stronger than a LOT of men 20 years his junior, and has always been the one to come and help his kids with big home-renovation jobs… is he really 72???

Well, guess what?  72 just got a lot YOUNGER, in our eyes.  (But, for US, we’ll probably be kinda shocked at how that’s not so true when WE get there!)

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re headed to Tom Bombadil’s house.  The stars are coming out.

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