going to The Ball

Well, the Fairy Godmother didn’t show up, so The Mom spent 3 hours yesterday looking in clothing stores… the top she least expected to buy was of course the one she ended up getting.  I think she likes it though, since she felt like putting in on right away as soon as she got home with it!

“Top?” you say?  Yes, since she decided she’s tired of wearing dresses (though she was sorely tempted to get one of the lovely skirts she saw yesterday)–she got dressy white capri’s to go with it.  She has now graduated to the age (and WEIGHT) where pants are quite acceptable for dressiness.  In recent years we’ve noticed that people really don’t dress up that much for weddings any more, however, THIS wedding’s invitations were expressly for a “Ball”–a Cinderella Ball, to be specific.  So, the sorta-hot-pink top The Mom got is all filmy and flowy, gathered in the middle with a large pink GEM!  She decided that fits for “going-to-the-Ball”.  Now she has to plan carefully for next week–not only is there packing to do for 3-weeks’ holiday, but she has to paint her nails (ALL of them!), and put a little colour in her hair!

This week it’s making Strawberry Tea Bread with FRESH strawberries, picking more RASPBERRIES (mmmmmm!!!!!), and going for some picture-taking training!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve reached Tom Bombadil’s house; it’s about 7 pm.

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