ALL gone!

Sam finished up the LAST of his special diet food yesterday!  And the day before that, he got on the scales…. SEVENTEEN POUNDS HEALTHIER!!!  *chair dance, chair dance*  After all the months of that pit-of-the-stomach kind of worry, since he WAS down to an UNhealthy 117 pounds (not uncommon for Crohn’s of course), you can imagine that The Mom is VERY happy!

Now, we should be honest and say that in the last several weeks of coming off the diet, he’s had 2 or 3 times of “questionable” symptoms.  They’ve never been quite like they were when he began to get sick, so we’re able to say that it’s probably just because his body isn’t used to the “old”, regular foods.  Hopefully we’re NOT just desperately grabbing at straws, to avoid disappointment.  The thing is, if we ever do find that things are building up again in his intestines, he will NEVER lose that much weight again, hence it won’t take as much time to “fix” it again.

The next steps:

  • spend a month (August) eating just like he would be in Rez come September (Tim Horton’s-type fare, etc.)
  • use up the gluten-free flours and starches from TWO years ago (Rej & Cathie can keep on with that step!)
  • re-organize and clean-up cupboards (yay–we can’t wait!)
  • watch that we won’t have to end up putting The Student on a diet to LOSE WEIGHT!! (*sigh* Isn’t it wonderful? :) )

OH, and another reason The Mom is happy?  SHE has NOT gained any weight, recently!  :P
Walk to Rivendell:  On this fourth day (Sept. 26), we’ve gone 25 miles, for a total of 73 miles so far!

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