Bible story order

It’s always busy days leading up to a vacation.  But that’s as it should be, for it makes the vacation such a relief!  Today there are dentist appointments in the morning, then Mac/picture-training, then promoting Club at Daycamp, then checking out the schedule for next week!

In our chronological Bible reading, we’ve noticed (on a different subject, obviously) that Judges is all mixed up.  The website doesn’t go to the lengths of  organizing it chapter by chapter, but the other schedule we have does.  The stories should be in this order:

  1. Micah’s Idolatry
  2. the Levite and his concubine
  3. Ruth and Naomi (the book of Ruth)
  4. Deborah and Barak
  5. the Story of Gideon
  6. evil Abimelech
  7. Samson’s birth
  8. Samuel’s birth
  9. while Samuel is growing up, Samson is denied his first love (his wife)
  10. Saul’s birth
  11. Samuel established as a prophet, then Jephthah vows & loses his daughter
  12. the Ark taken and restored
  13. Samson & Delilah
  14. continue with the stories of Saul and David

Interesting, eh?

Walk to Rivendell:  for Day 5 (Sept. 27), we shall rest here at Tom Bombadil’s house.  (How does this work, you say?  Well… we just note something from the chart we have, every day that we walk (usually 1-1.5 miles); so that even though it says “rest”, we walked yesterday!  That works out because, the next “marker” is 14 miles with a long paragraph.)

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