chough, luff, and the light of reason…

The only thing we can think of to say today, is something we noticed in our Bible reading a couple of days ago, in the story of Samson’s conception.  Did you notice–the angel chose to speak to the WOMAN.  And it seemed like the man was offended and slow to believe her story because of it.  So he asked to see the angel again, and again–he appears to the wife!  So this idea that females are more spiritually sensitive is ANCIENT!

So, since we only had that small bit to say, here’s a poem for you.  It’s got neat, uncommon words.


A signal flashes warning from a tower
Built on a promontory, massive, rough;
The billows beat ferociously a chough
Against a ray that streaks the midnight glower.
Black danger hovers in the sullen hour;
A pilot, sturdy, resolute and gruff,
Observes another craft in time to luff
His own to safety with prodigious power.

In this way does the public beacon flash
Us admonition on the sea of trade,
Where partial interests are prone to clash
In war, intrigue and private ambuscade.
We struggle onward in the waves that lash
Us till the light of reason is obeyed.
–Willis Hudspeth

Hmmm…. “till the light of reason is obeyed.”  Could be some interesting discussion there.  I guess, when you’re confused by the troubles of life, the best thing is just to follow your reason–as much light as has been given you.  And now we’re remembering that we have some notes to make from The Jesus Way, so hopefully we’ll remember that next time!

Walk to Rivendell
:  It’s rainy today, here at Tom Bombadil’s house.

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