countdown to The Ball

Just checkin’ in to let ya know that we’re still around!  The Mom has been distracted today with looking up ideas for taking wedding photos.  I think she’s getting a little excited about her niece’s “Cinderella Wedding” coming up this weekend!

Craig delivered a great sermon again on Sunday (about Apprentices), but we’ll just note one of the things that sticks in OUR mind:  how we often try things we’re not up to (and lose control) simply because we’re trying to escape the everyday “drudgery” that is our own “job”.  Sometimes one has to be patient with doing what they do know, before going on to “higher levels”.

However, there’s certainly no “drudgery” around here, to speak of!  Crystal, The Cinderella-Niece, gets married in FIVE DAYS!  And if we’re feeling a little excited, imagine how she (and the other “stars”) must feel!  We’re very happy to see the rain-every-day-this-week, since it means it’ll probably be nice come the weekend–this wedding is totally outside (with a tent-cover).  We’re ALSO praying for COOL temps, since The Student & the other groomsmen (and the Groom, of course) will all be in 3-piece TUXEDOS! 

Meanwhile, this wedding is “on-the-way”, as this family travels 1,000 K north of here for The Dad’s Family Reunion.  They’ll be gone for 2 and a half WEEKS–so that means lots of packing (and poor, poor me–Home Alone again!)  Bringing your own bedroom & kitchen (the trailer) is great, but it does mean lots to load up.

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