please pray against the rain!

The Sister is expecting 200 guests tomorrow for her daughter’s wedding–in her front yard.  They do have a tent, but I’m not sure all 200 people will fit under!  And then there’s Cinderella, arriving in the stagecoach…

Thankfully it’s not supposed to be too hot (our Student is one of the ones wearing a 3-piece tuxedo), but the forecast also says there’s a 60 percent chance of rain & thundershowers.  Well… 60 percent CHANCE–but maybe it’ll only be for 10 percent of the TIME?! (please?)  The ceremony is for 2 pm.  And The Mom, as non-professional photographer, would really, really like SUNNY skies for picture-taking.

Other than that–this is good-bye! For about 2 weeks that is.  After the wedding, they head north for a family cottage get-together with The Dad’s side.  He’s the youngest of 10 kids, so with all the grandkids & their kids… you can imagine that will be quite the party, too!  But there won’t be much internet hook-up this holiday, so that’s why we’re saying good-bye–you all get a rest from us!! :P

Walk to Rivendell:  As we travel over these steep hills, there are no trees or water.

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