so many things to be thankful for

A very small sampling:

  • a BEAUTIFUL Cinderella Wedding!
  • The TORRENTIAL rains came JUST AFTER all the pictures had been taken!! (Thanks for praying


  • The sun came out between ALL the TORRENTIAL downpours that day.
  • Everyone & everything fit comfortably in the HUGE reception tent.
  • 4-wheel drive, for when we left a couple days later and followed the gps up a narrowing dirt road with the trailer behind.
  • The guy on the 4-wheel motorbike, who informed us the road was washed out ahead, but there was a spot to turn around.
  • The 62 people who showed up for the Family Reunion up North.
  • All the young people who said they wanted to start coming more often.
  • The campfires every night, pontoon boat rides on peaceful lakes, and steam baths every so often.
  • The skunk that did NOT spray, but chose instead to hiss, from 2 feet away… we hid in the gazebo and let it finish it’s “meal” of our garbage!
  • The ability of Rej to change a flat trailer-tire, and that the rain stopped JUST long enough for him to do so!
  • Another great sermon from Dave this morning… a reminder that one of the reasons we give (tithes) is to show our trust in God’s provision.

Walk to Rivendell: On this 6th day while we travel in the Barrow downs on the ponies, we turn more east than we intend.

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