photos, photos, photos

Well, The Mom managed to carefully Procrastinate a lot of things yesterday, so that she could get more work done on the photos.  She used the excuse that she had to help Sam with his Family Tribe thing in the evening… and then he decided to take a break from it for one night!  So, she got even MORE picture-work done.

But she DID get the weeding done and the laundry put away, so “it’s all good” as the new saying goes.  Plus, she walked a mile and added another half mile on the treadmill!

She’s anxious to get the fixing-part done on the Cinderella photos, so that she can post a bunch of them on Facebook; not only to give her own perspective of the beauty, but to show off her Handsome Son (especially to a Certain Person *wink*).

THEN, it’ll be time for some Special Projects on those Cinderella/Wedding pictures (she’s got about 5 different collages in mind, just for starters!)

Walk to Rivendell:  It’s midday, on the 6th day of travel (Sept. 28), and we’ll stop in a hollow atop this hill to eat.

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