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You’re not going to believe this, but The Mom just spent 2 1/2 hours responding to Facebook comments!  That has to do with the 55 (or so) pictures she uploaded, and both her nieces and her sister commenting on them.  She wouldn’t have put up so many, but there’s a whole circle of her own friends who may want to/should see them.  And don’t worry, she made a note to choose a few out for our lj friends… or if you’re anxious (and don’t mind sifting through 55)–you could do a facebook search on crazycathie (I think that should work.)

Meanwhile, she is managing to do a little bit of housework each day. :P  The next steps for the photos will be more involved, but… she probably won’t work at it any less!  Except that it’s really time to get some Club stuff done, at least during the day.  As for getting the speedometer fixed–who cares? (I think!)

Oh, and we really need to make some notes on those books we’re reading/supposed to be reading!  Thankfully, the next two chapters in The Jesus Way were quite short…

We move into the second part of the book, which looks at the ways of others that are not like the Way of Jesus–ways that Jesus really could have chosen but didn’t.  He gives the example of a story from Winnie the Pooh, where the characters thought they had found the North Pole, but it was only a pole that they found and stuck in the ground:  people often sincerely think they have found the right Way, when it really is not.

For example (1st chapter of the second part), the way of Herod.  Herod and Jesus had the “same agenda”–to win the world.  (And this really fits nicely with the wedding we’ve been raving about, I’ll explain in a minute.)  Herod constructed huge and fancy buildings, amphitheatres, etc.  But Jesus chose to carry out his mission in the small villages where families kept building onto the homes of their parents–as each one married, there was another addition to the building (they’re called “insulas”).  This is similar to what The Sister does at her place–her daughter & new husband & kids live in a basement apartment at her home!

Peterson talks about what you might notice if you followed Jesus, in that day; you would be– “…plunged into a world of relationships–an intricate, shimmering web of real persons and God.  I would have left a world of size and numbers, huge and beautiful buildings, famous gods and Roman celebrities and lavish spectacles, noise and violence and crowds, and walked into a far more modest and quieter world of personal names, personal encounters, personal conversations, personal meetings, and a personal God.”

OK, that’s enough for one journal entry!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve fallen asleep, and awake in a fog, with the sun sinking.

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