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(Shhhh! Don’t say anything about “photos”!  I’m trying to get The Mom to take her mind OFF of them for a change!)

Now, continuing with our notes…

The first chapter also looks at the way of the Pharisees.  We learned something new here about them:  that they came into being as a counter to the Greeks who were trying to force their culture, and “religion”, on everyone.  The Pharisees kept the Jewish identity alive.  But as often happens, something that started out as a good thing became bad.  They had to be intense in order to be successful, but of course they ended up adding way too many rules about tiny, unimportant things.  And “Jesus no more took his cue from the intensity of the Pharisees than he did from the grandiosity of Herod.”  Peterson uses language (again) to demonstrate that:  while the Pharisees studied scriptures in an exact manner, word for word, Jesus (no less committed to truth), told stories and used metaphors–which are not exact.  Metaphors draw you into the story and make it personal.

One more quote from that chapter:  “The practice of prayer is the primary way that Jesus’ way comes to permeate our entire lives so that we walk spontaneously and speak rhythmically in the fluidity and fluency of holiness.”

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re trying to head north, in this fog in the Barrow-downs.

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