professional Photo Watcher, or Housewife?

OK, gotta get our schedule straightened out here; new thing to be added:  looking at photos on Facebook! Whew!  Everyone has posted SO many pictures!  The Mom won’t be taking any more for AWHILE… what ever happened to the life of an ordinary housewife?!  Her whole life is just pictures, pictures, pictures!  Well, she has one more fancy one to make from the wedding, then she’ll MAYBE be done with them for a time… but she needs to keep a “schedule” of when to look at everyone else’s.

After all, this is the last week to have Our Student at home before he moves back into residence, downtown.  Although there’s certainly not the excitement that there was last year, he is looking forward to seeing all his friends again, and just being where the world seems much more “alive”!  He’ll be able to enjoy it much more, not being on that specific diet, and being much healthier (and “weightier”!)  EVERYONE will be much more relaxed.  The only thing to worry about (since MOMs have that duty) is that he won’t want to come home very often at all!

But, The Mom is looking forward to “spring cleaning”, this Fall, and re-organizing all the cupboards and supplies to reflect no more diets–except her own determination to lose weight.  In fact, things have gotten quite messy–you know how it is when you know you’re going to be spending a day cleaning soon, anyway.  That’s part of it, but mostly there’s just NO WHERE to put things, that one knows of, so it just gets PILED…

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve been captured by evil Wights!!

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