Cinderella Sum

Well, everyone is raving about all the pictures The Mom fixed up from the wedding, and soon we’ll be done talking about it here (I think!)  She’s hoping that she can be the one to show them to Nanny & Pappy, but that’s just her ego working.  What we have to do here, is give you a SHORT summary of this wedding, which we haven’t done yet!  And SOON, we’ll post a few pictures for you.

The whole theme for the wedding, as you may have “heard” by now, was CINDERELLA.  It all started with the “Invitation to the Ball”, a “weekend wedding”.  Crystal (the bride), made them up herself, with a pocket in the back, holding 3 tabbed pages of information–that there would be fireworks after the wedding (which were fabulous!), a midnight buffet, a special breakfast the next day, pool and hot tub available, some camping spots available, a list of hotels & phone numbers, etc. etc.  The location was at their home:  The Sister’s place, where Crystal & her hubby have a basement apartment.  They went to a LOT of trouble to prepare everything on the grounds, and you’ll see all that when we post pictures.

As the guests arrived and were seated, Crystal’s grandparents (our beloved Nanny & Pappy) went around with the programs and a large scroll–on which was a list of who would be sitting at which table.  EACH of the 22 tables had a DIFFERENT theme from Cinderella, for the centrepiece (e.g. The Enchanted Castle, The Glass Slipper, etc.)–really beautiful.

The Bridesmaids came out of the basement apartment, down a walkway bordered with allysum, to the tune of “Going to the Chapel”.  The little (four-year-old) Ring-bearer and Flower Girl (20 months) were supposed to come, holding hands, just in front of the Maid of Honour, but instead the Ring-bearer came first, then the Maid of Honour holding the Flower Girl’s hand  (we knew it might have to be this way!)  The excitement mounted when the Officiant said “Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise”, and up the laneway came the horse-drawn Cinderella coach!  When the Bride was helped out with her father, we were just “stunned” with her beauty… and of course wondering what had happened to our Little Girl… (oops… some little splashing things, here!)  The Mom got a lot of wonderful pictures of the ceremony.  After the announcement  (“I’m happy to present to you Mr. & Mrs….”), and while they were stepping aside to sign the Marriage Certificate, the Ring-Bearer (who is the bride & groom’s son, btw, and the Flower Girl is their daughter)–burst into tears, saying he was “sooo happy!”  It made everyone else choke up, let me tell you!

K, gotta finish this up quickly… anyway, we’ve already told you how they were able to take some pictures just before making a beline for the tent, because of the rain–which PELTED down.  OH, one thing we wanted to tell about was the programs.  Crystal made these up herself as well, and they were quite extensive.  She included a little quote for each member of the Bridal party, that said something about them (for Our Student:  “most likely to succeed”); as well as for others who were involved in the wedding; and she listed everyone involved.  She also made a note of those who were there “in spirit”–some grandparents, and a special note for a young uncle who died in an accident 2 weeks before.  Then of course, there was the program for the ceremony, and then a little note that they each wrote for each other (sweet!)  Plus a thank -you-everyone note, and the list of tables… oh and she put the meaning of the wedding ring on the front, with a fancy-script of their initials, aaannd:  2 of the little mice from Cinderella! :)

One thing about this particular Bride:  family is so important to her (for her speech, she made a toast to Family), that she had as many people from her family involved as possible.  All the grandchildren from our side of the family were in the Bridal party! (Not hard, since 3 of us had Only Children!)  Uncles & Aunts were photographers, etc.  (yes, we missed doing a lot of special pictures–but at least The Mom was able to fix them up nice afterwards.)  And to show you how others are important to Crystal:  after all the special pictures of her immediate family, she ALSO wants a couple of special collages of the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen!

Walk to Rivendell:  Frodo remembers the special song that calls for help, and Tom Bombadil rescues us from the Wights.

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