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We’ve been dying to show you the Cinderella Wedding we’ve been talking about–so here’s the first few photos!  (You’ve seen them Pappy, no need to wait…)

The Sister’s daughter’s wedding took place all on her property.
Preparation:  all kinds of it!  Thankfully, they made that huge “tent”–the blue canvas you see in the background, which had a plywood floor with a sunken section for the food service, and later for the dancing!

This is the laneway the Bride will come up with her father (AFTER all the guests!)  They put in these beautiful white lamp-posts (yes, they actually work!), with the pink flowers, just in time for the wedding.

And this is the carriage she arrived in!  (Uncle Randy’s tripod is in the way, in this picture.)

There’s “Our Student” (without the sunglasses)!  Those chimes right beside him:  when it was time for things to begin, he gave the signal by ringing the chimes; and then as well at the end of the ceremony, when “Mr. & Mrs.” were presented.

Here come the Bridesmaids!  They came out of the basement apartment, a side door on The Sister’s house.  It’s not so clear, but the sidewalk they’re on is bordered with white allysum–beautiful!

In that last picture you saw the bridesmaids turning left… now they go straight up along these pillars, and across that bridge you see in the distance, which is right at the foot of a little waterfall.

  The Flower Girl–isn’t she adorable?  You can see the bridge mentioned in the last picture, a little closer now.

This is the bridge they all walk across–made especially for the Cinderella Wedding, of course. (It says: “Once Upon a Time” on the side/bottom.)

This is the other side of the bridge… there’s the Maid of Honour with the Flower Girl (who was not happy–teething), and the Ring-bearer just ahead of them.  The Maid (sister of the bride) is scattering flower petals.

After they come across the bridge, they come around (to the right) and proceed to the pond–where there is a heart-shaped arbour for them to step through.  So basically, they’ve made a circle around the garden; you can see where they started in the distance.

And there they are, on the other side of the heart-shaped arbour!  (Something else they made themselves… “they” being the bride’s immediate family.  Actually it was her daddy who made this.)

Whew!  That’s enough for now.  But there’s more to come!  Problem is, we don’t want you to see them out of order, so… maybe we’ll wait for a few days, to give everyone a chance (you know how the latest post appears before the previous one, which would put the pictures out of order.)

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