so much excitement!

Man!  The Mom set her Facebook status yesterday to say something about how boring it was when Crystal wasn’t around (that “famous bride”, who is only on Facebook when she’s at work); and then she comes back, and…. yeah, the excitement is back… first she had a baby, then she had another baby, then she got married (never mind, others wouldn’t have bothered with that step)–and now she’s PREGNANT AGAIN!  So, yeah–excitement!  And if #3 is anything like the first 2, we’re CERTAINLY looking forward to meeting him/her, as far into the future as that seems right now.

Meanwhile, (we seem to like “meanwhile’s”, don’t we?)… today is getting-ready-to-pack day for Sam, tomorrow we pack, and the next day he has to be at Rez before 5.  And since we had declared August the final test-month for his coming-off-The-Diet, it’s probably time to make the other declaration; since he has been eating as close as possible this month to how he’d be eating in residence, if he wasn’t on any kind of diet.  So the declaration is:  HEALED!!!!!!!!!  *chair dance*  *tear or 2 of joy*

The odd time he has been just a little sick, but (before we’d panic) we always waited to see if it would continue–and it never did.  And there is an emergency menu he can resort to that is readily available, that we’ve drilled into him (eggs for breakfast, cheese, nuts and fruit for lunch, lots of vegetables and unprocessed meat with no sauce for supper).  However, today, he just looks SO healthy, he’s gained a good amount of weight (which means he will NEVER again be as sick as he was at one point), and the trials of the past are very swiftly becoming a distant memory.

Yay God!!

Walk to Rivendell:  Following behind Tom, we ride north through a gap.

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