Part 2

If you missed the first pictures from our Cinderella Wedding, click on the tag below (“wedding”), and then read from the bottom UP, so you can see them in order!

Just to give you a full view (almost full) of the wedding party… the Lady in the maroon dress is the MOB (Mother of the Bride–“The Sister”), who is standing there because she is reading a prayer as part of the ceremony.  Look at the Bride–the little ones just had to be with their mom–Bride or not! :)

You can see Aunt Photographer (The Mom) in the background here–behind the heart-shaped arbour, her photo-list in hand!

This is one of the first pictures The Mom fancied up, showing off the Cinderella Carriage… OK, so she’s not a professional photographer, and did miss a lot, but at least the pictures were in her possession–so that she was able to do things like this.  The words along the bottom (“Once upon a time”) is from a picture of the little bridge that the Bridal procession used (see former picture-post).

This is a collage The Mom did, to show off the dress, boquet, handsome little tuxedoed Ring-bearer, etc.  It also shows off The Sister’s beautiful gardens in the background; AND happens to be a family picture.

One of the reasons they missed getting some of the portraits they wanted, was because of the rain, which came down in TORRENTS!!  People all over the tent (inside) held up chairs, sticks, whatever–to push off/hold off the water piling up on the canvas roof!  But thankfully we were able to get MANY lovely pictures, before that happened.

Here they are–probably the two people we talk about most in this journal!
(The inside vest of the tuxedos was a light pink, to match the bridesmaids’ dresses, but it wasn’t a very noticeable pink… thankfully, some would say! :P)

OK, that will do for THIS time!  There’s just a few more, but we’ll keep it for another post.

Walk to Rivendell:  We reach a dike and hedge.

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