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New Beginnings:

  • Sam moves back to RU,
  • Cathie has oatmeal for breakfast.  (She has been having cream-of-wheat every morning for days on end, to use it up.)

Stolen from

I am not:  totally asleep
I hurt:  when I eat too many rubber elastics
I love:  a warm lap
I hate:  having to decide
I hope:  for affection
I hear:  any little noise
I crave:  affection
I regret:  that I have to be left alone when the Others go on vacation
I cry:  while they’re gone
I always:  sleep
I long to:  eat treats
I feel alone:  only when they go on vacation
I listen:  to every little noise, even while I’m sleeping
I hide:  when the doorbell rings
I drive:  people crazy when I eat elastics
I sing:  by purring
I dance:  when something startles me
I write:  like a human
I breathe:  of course!
I miss: them when they go on vacation
I search:  for them everywhere, when they’ve gone on vacation
I feel:  comfortable, usually.
I know:  I’m loved.
I say:  meow.
I succeed:  in doing whatever I want, most times.
I fail:  when people refuse to pet me.
I sleep:  on top of The Mom whenever possible.
I want:  cat treats.
I have:  much more dignity than a dog.
I give:  my all–to be pet.
I fight:  being held tight for too long.
I wait:  very patiently, to be fed.
I need:  only to be fed & petted.
I am:  curled up.
I think:  this is long.
I stay:  sleeping most of the day.

Ah, well… maybe we should let The Mom do her own answers!

I am not:  a cat.
I hurt:  when others hurt.
I love:  looking out the window.
I hate:  poorly-written novels.
I hope:  Sam & friends get involved in a good church downtown.
I hear:  the air conditioner, which tempts me to sleep…
I crave:  coffee.
I regret:  having only one child.
I cry:  far too much, ever since I turned 49.
I always:  cry about everyone else’s joys and sorrows.
I long to:  visit Nanny & Pappy for a week, starting this weekend!
I feel alone:  when I feel differently than everyone else seems to.
I listen:  to music.
I hide:  from the world in a good book.
I drive:  like I don’t want others to know I’m a Christian (oops!)
I sing:  whenever possible.
I dance:  whenever possible.
I write:  too much.
I breathe:  deeply, when I get to Nanny & Pappy’s!
I miss:  fresh air.
I search:  for good recipes that help me lose weight.
I feel:  out of shape.
I know:  God loves me.
I say:  too much, often.
I succeed:  when I know I’ve tried my best.
I fail:  when I think I can do it without God’s help.
I sleep:  from 10:30 to 2 am, then from about 2:30 am to 6ish; and sometimes from 3:30 to 4 pm.
I want:  to get everything done.
I have:  everything I need.
I give:  my time to Club House, our midweek Children’s Ministry.
I fight:  when things don’t go according to plan.
I wait:  and wait and wait and wait–for a new pastor.
I need:  patience, for all that waiting!
I am:  excited.
I think:  weirdly, sometimes.
I stay:  sitting here as long as possible.

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve reached the former boundary of Cardolan.

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