there and back again


We got up at 5 this morning… The Mom being wide awake, thinking about pictures, (AGAIN!)  There’s a couple she’s trying to do for her sister, now; who is not in a rush or anything, nor is she demanding perfection–but once The Mom’s brain gets going on it, she just can’t seem to stop, and looking at the pictures up close so much makes her notice every little imperfection.  However, she’s definitely delighted to get some specific requests!

Meanwhile (:P) The Mom is laughing and teasing Sam that he couldn’t stay away from home for very long–he’s back already!!  They got him all moved into his downtown “home” last night, everything went quite smoothly… but his cafeteria is closed this week for renovations!  He COULD go across the street to the one in the other residence, but it’s larger, more crowded, etc.  So, little though he wanted to “come home to mama”, he decided he may as well get a few more days of “easy meals”! :)

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re now in what used to be part of the North Kingdom of Arnor.

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