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This week is also the last of the "lazy days of summer"… not that things have been particularly "lazy" around this family, but we do seem to be in a lull, while at the same time thinking about all the things that SOON have to be done!  So next week’s final vacation-time will be very nice (for them, anyway!)  The best part for The Mom, will be that they’ll FORCE her to keep away from her computer, a little!

OK, here’s the last of the (TINY sampling) of the wedding pictures we wanted to show you.  Again, click on the wedding tag if you missed the others.

This is an example of the 22 different Cinderella-themed tables, at the reception.  This is "The Glass Slipper Table"; there was also:  "The Mice Table", "The Magic Wand Table", "The Pumpkin Coach Table", "The Stroke of Midnight Table", etc. etc.–each with their own appropriate ornament in the middle, and various types of decoration surrounding it (in other words, they weren’t all pink tooling.)  They also found miniature "glass" slippers to use for the favours, with those tea lights (which had a thank-you note attached).

"The Enchanted Castle Table":  The Mom used her photo program to put the REAL Bride & Groom in this photo (making them very small, obviously); then she took the word "Table" off of the sign, and added the three stars.  Crystal loved it so much, she made it her profile picture in Facebook!  The wine glasses (a "natural element" of the photo, of course) add a whimsical effect, don’t you think–like blowing bubbles!

Just to show you "The Dad", whom everyone always enjoys as MC.  He’s the one standing in front of the reception table.  He wasn’t asked to make his own speech, but MC’s get the privilege of deciding to take that opportunity :).  Rej made his speech commending Crystal for demonstrating that Marriage IS important (by bothering to get married)!  OH… can you see that PARASOL above the bride & groom, hanging upside down?  It’s the same one used in Crystal’s Mom’s wedding, 26 years ago! ("The Sister")  Although then it had red flowers (and she used it instead of a boquet or veil), for Crystal’s wedding it has pink flowers.

(Just to jog your memory, "The Sister" had a Silver Anniversary party at their place a year ago, and a few days later scared everyone with that "little" heart attack–we asked you all to pray… a year later, she seems to be doing fine!)

The Mom added a "photo-program glow" behind the Wedding Cake, which was made by one of the bridesmaids.  Crystal says it looked much better when it was first made, but most of us didn’t see it then–so we thought it was amazing!  (Love the soft light on the bride & groom, in the background of this picture.)

There’s the Beloved Nanny & Pappy we always talk about, dancing away!  He’s the one who did that three-generation triathalon.  Nanny looked SO pretty in her dress!  (She’s lost a lot of weight in recent years, and really looks good.)  OH… we should have showed you the beautiful corsages she made… you could go back to the picture of Sam, standing by the wind chimes…

You may have noticed that a secondary theme was:  PINK!  The Bride’s sister (who wore a BRIGHT pink dress as the Maid of Honour), helped make a kazillion cookies for the Weekend Wedding–some of them pink! :)

Walk to Rivendell:  We return to the Great East Road.

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