The Mom identifies with her son so much, that she dropped him off downtown and came home feeling very excited. (Hmph!  She should identify with ME–I’ll be all lonely for 10 days!)  This year just feels so much freer, for Our Student.  No diet, no worries about eating out with the gang (and no worries about your pants falling off!)… all his classes nearby, a favourite subject to learn this year (“online journalism”).

Of course, she’s also excited about getting away to Nanny & Pappy’s, to just visit and enjoy nature.  When they get back, there will be some busyness to get ready for the kids’ club; but it will also be SO WONDERFUL–to “spring clean” the recipes, AND clean up that cupboard-mess!

Oh, and one more thing giving that “free-I’m-done” feeling, is all the wedding-picture work that she’s FINALLY finished!  (“touch wood”)

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re following the Great East Road, east toward Bree.

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