Welcome to the New Season

I did everything I could:  sniffed her mouth (investigating the weird noise), stretched up a paw a couple of times to try and halt what was coming out of it, but–The Mom would NOT stop singing!  Finally I gave up and just moved over to my own rocking chair.  (That is, it’s mine unless The Student is home.)

Oh well, the singing stopped when Rej finally appeared, after his workout & shower.  You see, the Summer Holidays are now definitely over–no more lazing around, or over-indulging in other ways.  The Mom has already re-vamped her recipes & menu list.  Now for the Losing Weight and Getting Fit diet!  Here are some reminders just for her:

  • Every time it feels very DIFFICULT, think of that difficulty causing the pounds to come off:  “no pain no gain” may be a myth as far as exercising, but not for other things.
  • Related to the same point but worth saying:  HUNGER is NECESSARY, for that Desired Improvement (not to extreme though, of course!)

The first trial comes today, since she wants to bake cookies–she can’t seem to stop Baking-for-Boy… not as often as before though, just to have some on hand to take to him whenever they do go for a visit, or he comes here.  However, whenever she gets time to make some yogurt, that’ll be for herself:  a much lighter-calorie version than she used to make for Sam!

Today’s meanwhile:  they’ve already got some enjoyment out of the firewood they got from Pappy’s–just by smelling it while they got it unloaded last night, just in time before the rain!  But this morning the sky is clearing, although it was cold enough to wear slippers at first.  (OMGosh!  It’s still only 9 degrees Celsius!)

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