signs of the season…

Shouldn’t have said anything about the temperature yesterday… this morning, YOU CAN COUNT the degrees above zero (zero is the freezing point in Celsius) ON ONE HAND!!!

Three cheers for The Mom!  She kept those reminders I gave her yesterday, in her mind, aaaandd:  poured ALL of the crumbs from the “SO-hard-to-resist” butterscotch chip cookies, into the cookie tin, then into the freezer, for Sam!  The butterscotch fragrance was strong, too.  But at least she’ll have homemade yogurt to look forward to tomorrow, since it’ll be finished incubating today.

We’re getting kind of excited to see what God has planned for Club House this year.  Tonight is the leaders’ meeting, and next Wednesday the Kickoff.  This morning, “in the nick of time” it would seem, we received news of someone willing to be a helper.  That makes two new helpers, and one new leader for this year.  But depending on how many kids sign up in each age group, we MAY need yet another helper, and maybe another leader!  We won’t know until next week… isn’t life exciting?

Oh, part of the excitement is the discovery of a really neat program to use at Club, called “Children Praying for Children” (Compassion).  There are scripture verses, sample prayers, and interesting facts about several different countries, as well as some child-fun activities.

So, it’s a Club-work morning, then this afternoon if The Mom gets her gardening done (those poor, COLD house plants out there!), she’ll be so happy to finally get this living room cleaned up and properly ornamented!

Walk to Rivendell:  Just ahead is the intersection of the Great East Road and the Greenway.

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