planning the war…

Well, spring-cleaning the living room proved to be a more daunting task than we thought.  It daunted us.  But at least a “battle plan” has been drawn up.  And because things were partially begun, the mess is even worse!  So that should serve to inspire us (yes, “us”–I help by cheering The Mom on) to get at it just to get the junk out of the way.

Junk.  That’s the key word here.  The said Battle Plan consists of a list of different types of junk:  “Things I Hope to Get to”, “Things I May Need”, “Things that Have to be Put Where They’ll Remind me Not to Forget Them”, etc. etc.  Happily, there ARE some things that there is no doubt about discarding:  catalogues (who needs those anymore, with the Internet), cook books (same, though they’ll be put in a back cupboard rather than discarded), old Bibles (same again, though they’ll be put away also), etc.

Unfortunately, there is first the grocery shopping to be done, and the parent-information/welcome sheets for the different age groups at Club, and ordering some material for the 3-yr. old group, and calling the new leader’s references, and….  Maybe we’ll be working at the Junk Battle late into tonight!

Walk to Rivendell:  We reach Bree, and stay at The Prancing Pony.

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