Whew!  What a day yesterday!  The Mom sat down at 3 pm, and said to herself, “Now to begin my day…” then fell asleep!!  You see, she’d decided to get that clean-up done the day before, and must have walked a thousand miles around the living room–if her aching legs were any indication.  (The ache even kept her awake at night, ’til she put some special cream on them.)  Yesterday morning/afternoon was spent at the funeral of one of our church’s “founding fathers”.  But the day started with something nice:  she went downtown and got to see The Student’s sweet girl.  You know she must be sweet if one can say that without really knowing her that well.  Oh, and of course, The Mom got to see “himself”, too!  (They had some paperwork to tend to.)  He’s still very healthy, and is now worried about gaining TOO much weight (yay!)

As for funerals at our church these days… they always make The Mom worry about crying and sighing for the wrong reason:  seeing our “old” pastor and hearing his voice again, makes her wish that he’d never left!  (Besides many other people who you only see on such “special occasions”, who used to come to the church.)  However, something was said that was a comfort to the slight feeling of “brokenness” that comes from being in search of a pastor for almost 2 years:  the young lady said that “the best gift her father gave her was this church”. (gulp)  It matches what The Mom has told Sam before–when he used to wonder what would happen to him if anything ever happened to both his parents.  He wasn’t/isn’t aware of it, but there any number of people at the church who would do anything for him, after all, they’ve not only known him since he was born (before, really), but they’ve kept hearing all about him over the years–and prayed for him lots!

Another thing that same lady said, is that her church was in a pastoral search for 2 and a half years, found someone, he got sick and now they’re having to do it all over again!

Walk to Rivendell:  On Day 7 (Sept. 29), we travelled 20 miles (total of a hundred and something).  We now meet Strider at The Prancing Pony.

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