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The Mom thinks it’s just not fair that you don’t lose very many calories by standing around all day, since her feet and legs were so sore & tired after the BBQ yesterday.  And VICTORY:  the rain had been forecast at first, for the exact time of the BBQ, but held off and did not come down AT ALL, until evening!  Actually, it “rained people”–moms and dads, and kids, etc.–a HUGE success!

Now on to the sermon notes.  They’ve started a short series on The Apostle’s Creed, which is a good idea to learn about what/why you’re reciting, right?  Of course, one of the reasons we do it is as a symbol of committing ourselves to what we believe, by stating it.

Rob was speaking on the second article of the creed this morning, which is much longer than the first article (“I believe in God the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.”)  It looks like each article covers a different Person of the Trinity.  In broaching the subject of the “Trinity”, Rob pointed out that we don’t do well with mystery–we need to accept that we will never have all the answers.

“I believe in Jesus Christ,”–the second article is about Jesus.
“His only Son, our Lord.”–not just ONE revelation of God, but THE revelation of God; who is Lord (not Ceasar)–who IS Lord, no matter who or how many recognize it.

“He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.”— He was fully God (conceived of the Holy Spirit), and fully human (born of the virgin Mary); more mystery here–it goes “against the grain” for some people to believe that such things are possible, but after all–salvation can only come from OUTSIDE ourselves.

“He suffered under Pontius Pilate,”–a reminder that He was an actual person in history; and that no matter what anyone has to suffer–He knows about suffering, having suffered Himself.

“was crucified, died, and was buried.”–stating that it was something that really happened (not just an idea).
“He descended to the dead.”–a reminder of the great lengths that God went to, to reconcile mankind.
“On the third day He rose again.”–central to the Christian faith… this demonstrates the power of God, He is so “beyond” humans, thereby so ABLE to save us!
“He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father.”–heaven being more of a state, in this case–of being fully entered into God; this part confirms Jesus both as Lord (Ruler) and as God.

“He will come again to judge the living and the dead.”–the belief scattered throughout the New Testament that you can’t get away from, that Jesus will return.  Rob pointed out that being “judge” had/has a different meaning than meting out punishment.  Judges were ones who helped people with problems, and tried to “set things right”.  When Jesus returns, He will “set right” all that’s wrong.

It’s not an extensive study of The Apostle’s Creed, but it’s good to stop and think about these things!

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