The Autumn Stone Crop is blushing pink, dainty purple flowers are showing up all over that other large annual, and through its branches we can see the large, dark red blooms of this year’s Begonia; and so far the new bean plants haven’t been eaten!  They’re even climbing up the tomatoe cages; however, it remains to be seen if we’ll get any beans off of them.

Because the Season of Lighting the Candle in the Morning has begun.  It could have started earlier, since the sun has been rising later for awhile now, but we didn’t remember about it until now!  Now we’re finally getting organized enough to include Watching the Sun Rise in our morning plans.

Besides the fact that after the Great Living Room Cleaning, there is now a whole cupboard full of candles and candle-holders to choose from.  Who knows when The Mom will get to continue on to cleaning up the other rooms, especially the one she’s been waiting to do for so long (Kitchen), but at least the proverbial “ball” has got rolling!

Quote for you (I believe we stole this C.S. Lewis quote from one of our lj friends):

“We can nowhere evade the presence of God  The world is crowded with Him.  He walks everywhere incognito.”

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