bullets of praise (any reaction to THAT?)…

  • for a good group of kids in each of the middle 3 age-categories at Club, though the numbers are down;
  • for 3 brand new kids (our predictions were right on, as far as that goes!)
  • for 0 kids in gr. 5/6, so that "Patches" (The Mom) will be able to train new leaders in the other groups;
  • for an abundance of new leaders, who are willing to help WHERE-EVER they are needed, even if it’s not where they thought at first;
  • for a certain STUDENT being home for the weekend, and…
  • that he looks so, so HEALTHY (someday we’ll stop talking about this!), and
  • that he’s been sleeping so well,
  • and seems rather happy–having visitors & doing stuff pretty well every night!
  • And The Mom has been sleeping through the whole night, for three nights in a row!

Walk to Rivendell:  We leave Bree at about 9:30 am.

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