Last Day of Summer

And what a Lovely Last Day it is–calling for sunshine and 26 Celsius (almost 80 F)!  A great way to start that sort of day is with a bit of a sleep-in, coming with another sleep-through night behind it.  ‘Course, all this "sleeping-through" just proves how tired out The Mom has been!  But now she’s ready to begin the Voyagers (the grade 1/2 group at Club), AND The Marriage Course–the latter she’ll be ready for after she goes over the exercises in a few minutes.  (The course starts this Tuesday.)  Then there’s still some reference-phoning, then going over instructions with Rej for the new Downstairs TV…

Even with all of that, the day is not so booked up that there won’t be some Sitting Outside Time, today.  Here’s hoping the same for all of you!!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’ve left Bree on the East Road.

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