You don’t grow weary

(Taking someone else’s idea when we can’t think of a title–use song lyrics…)

Well, we’ve been going from email, to LJ, to Facebook, and back again… nothing new, so time to think of something to post!

The Marriage Course went well last night, and will be even better next week–when we figure out the right balance of volume for the music:  loud enough so that other couples can’t hear what you’re saying to each other, yet not so loud that you can’t hear each other!  Of course, it didn’t help that the room was very echo-ey.

Alpha runs at the same time as this marriage course (which is a kind of sub-course of Alpha), and they had the largest turn out last night, ever!  It’s about their 10th run of Alpha, and they had 80+ people for the opening supper!  That’s not saying that they’ll all sign up for the Alpha course, since they are invited to come for the first night, and then decide.  But looks like it’ll be more than usual.

Today The Mom is getting ready to lead an age group at Club tonight, that she hasn’t done for awhile–grades 1 & 2 ("Voyagers").  She’s starting them on their "Science Fun" and "My Friends" awards.  When you’re the leader, you get to pick out your favourites!  For Science Fun, they’re going to make their own stickers tonight, with jello (like they won’t lick off ALL the sticker backing??).  Then the story-time involves sitting in semi-darkness with a flashlight, to talk about how God’s Word is a "lamp to my feet"–should be great fun!

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