Let us love and sing and wonder

Seems it’s time for a "Top 10" today, if only we can keep The Mom from chair-dancing as we list them!

#10.  The purple blooms on that new annual (can never remember the name) are more abundant every day–they must be more of a Fall plant.
#9.  Another lovely weekend–BBQ’s tonight and Sunday.
#8.  There was time (and energy) to do some more photo-borders last night.
#7.  There will be time to BAKE BREAD today.
#6.  There may be time to make cookies for the freezer (to use up more ‘gf’ flours).
#5.  There may be time to decorate for FALL!
#4.  Another batch of DELICIOUS-but-lite yogurt goes into the fridge this afternoon.
#3.  The kitchen is cleaned out and organized–THREE large bags of "junk" taken to Valu Village!!
#2.  ME–curled up and purring so comfortably.


#1. SHE–lost THREE pounds!!!!

Now, to keep your perspective about being fit–today’s proverb:

"It’s better to be wise than strong;
intelligence outranks muscle any day."
(Proverbs 24:5)
Walk to Rivendell:  Having left the road, following Strider, we’re cutting across country toward Archet.

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