give and it shall be given to you

Well, most of those things that we said there "may be time for", did get done yesterday.  There is just a little "spring" cleaning left to do, and then for the Fall decorating!  The theory of giving something away and you get it back tenfold:  The Mom gave her time away doing Club stuff for several days (ALL day on Wednesday!), and she was able to get SO much done yesterday!

So, take the risk… (that’s a lead in–) we read a good quote in a Breakpoint article:

"In his new book, Just Courage, Gary Haugen, president of International Justice Mission, recounts a childhood trip to Mt. Rainier with his father and two brothers. When his dad suggested that they try to reach base camp, 10-year-old Haugen wasn’t sure he could make it. His father reassured him he’d be there to help. But Haugen opted to stay in the cushy comfort of the visitor’s center. As he writes, "I went on the trip, but missed the adventure."

Haugen uses this to illustrate a widespread malady in the Church today. Christians often choose safety and comfort over courage. We don’t believe that risk and suffering may be part of God’s plan for our lives. But in cutting ourselves off from the risk, explains Haugen, we also miss the adventure, the joy, and the experience of seeing God meet us at our point of need."

Walk to Rivendell:  Strider is taking us on a circuitous route, to throw off any pursuit.

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