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Great sermon today from John… funny how, as dynamic as his preaching is, we never quite feel like making the extensive notes that we do with Rob!

Our gifted group of speakers & preachers are starting a series on parables; and John urged us this morning, not to point the finger and see others in a parable, but to see ourselves.  For if we don’t ponder and try to understand what God is saying to us, "even that [understanding] which [we] have, will be taken away".  This morning’s parable was in the Old Testament:  when Nathan told it to David, to show him how he had sinned with Bath-Sheba.  David got very angry about the bad guy in the story, until Nathan pointed out who it was…

Speaking of that scribble-all-over-your-bulletin-causer Rob–he’s going to be ordained next month!!  The news inspired immediate applause.  We suppose that the congregation will sort of feel like his ‘mom’ at that ordination ceremony… and there will likely be at least one tear!

So, that’s the extent of notes for today.  There could be reems of it if we were able to get everything down that we’re learning from the pre-service seminar on "Coming Alongside".  Perhaps those notes will come after the course is finished.  Meanwhile, time to go and read material from that, since there just isn’t time to cover everything in the hour on Sunday mornings!

Walk to Rivendell:  (This is matching our "real" weather so well!):  "The sun was shining, clear but not too hot.  The woods in the valley were still leafy and full of colour, and seemed peaceful and wholesome."

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