enough is enough

We’re going to have to take another picture of that purple-flowered plant, it’s got SO many blooms on it!  Then it’s a question of getting around to downloading the pictures off the camera… lazy, aren’t we?

But the Fall decorating is finally done!  Funny how you get tired of it at the end of the season, and as the year rolls around and the time draws near again, you still feel tired of the same old stuff, and then suddenly you’re anxious to get them out and feel all excited about the new season again!  But, believe it or not–The Mom FINALLY chose NOT to put up the painted-fall-leaf crafts that her "baby" did in kindergarten!!  She still has them, but at least she’s not putting them up.  And that goes for several calendar pictures that she’s had for years and years–she can’t quite throw them out, but at least she’s not feeling that she has to put them all up.

Doing that recent huge clean-out has made her feel that she’s been way over-obsessive about nice things to look at.  But we’re far from swinging to the other extreme!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re heading north into Chetwood.

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