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Some like to keep it on, some like to take it off…

My, we’re really getting lazy about posting, aren’t we?  It seems we get caught up on checking out everyone’s photos on Facebook, etc.  Yesterday, there were ultrasound photos of Cinderella’s Next… amazing how clear they can be these days!  Then, … Continue reading

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we’re not saying anything about you-know-what (that’s wet, cold.. and white)

The Mom is slooowly getting caught up on some of that lost sleep.  This morning she pulled herself up, knowing that when she heard Rej on the treadmill downstairs, it was time for her to get up and get ready, … Continue reading

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rundown, and… run down

Well, no one wondered if we’d got eaten by goblins? (*grammar*–just to bug youse!)  You didn’t even notice that we hadn’t posted for a couple of days!? :P Lets see if we can give a quick rundown.  First of all, … Continue reading

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good thing we don’t have much to do today…

Whew!  I put The Mom back to sleep this morning, but ever since she got up, she’s been feeling like she just finished running a marathon!  (And "sleeping in" by the way, means 7:30 for these guys.) So, working out … Continue reading

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Now that we know…

Well, The Mom is very happy:  her latest pictures are sorted and onto the "Big Screen", meaning our appletv+hdmi tv screen.  It’s definitely "big" for inside this little house. (37"?)  Oh, and by "latest", I mean UP TO the summer pictures … Continue reading

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never say never

Boy, it’s nice to have the Busy Time winding down, and have time for other things!  Maybe the other pictures from the summer will finally get sorted out!  And then there’s the fall pictures to download… ‘Course, there’s still a … Continue reading

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what we really are

Grrrr, I wish she wouldn’t DO that!  I’m all tense and waiting, ready to pounce–on that squirrel telling me off at the window–and then The Mom goes "BOO!"  Talk about SPOILING the moment!!  She says "sorry".  Sure.  Giggling all the … Continue reading

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Go to bed–NOW!!

There’s such a lovely "Fall-ness" to the day out there this morning:  a gusty wind kicking up the leaves, heavy clouds, but the sun coming through from "offstage"–giving a darkish-yellow light.  Exciting!  Wind always gives that feeling of excitement, don’t … Continue reading

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frost, flowers, and flour…

Well, it was 4 degrees below freezing yesterday when we got up and 4 above today, but it wasn’t until today that The Mom felt like wearing slippers.  She’s had them on already this season, but only for a short … Continue reading

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good good good (but, too bad… )

Yes, we’re quite late at posting today… but at least the LAST of the Cinderella pictures are about to be put up on Facebook!  The Mom has finally finished putting all the special borders on them, added all the highlight-stars … Continue reading

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