Welcome to OCTOBER!!

The day, though still cloudy, is much brighter this morning.  The purple flowers are even purpler (gosh, that’s a word?), and the pink-blushed flowers are now turning burgandy (huh!  THAT one is red-underlined!).

We’ve already had cooler mornings, but because of a few cooler nights, The Mom–for the first time this season–is wearing her WARM housecoat!!  The air conditioner has just been turned off.  Funny how many "beginnings" there are to this season.

Last night’s Marriage Course supper was a delicious curried chicken stew.  And the exercise was to practise listening:  each spouse had to take turns listening to an issue without saying anything except to repeat back ("reflect") what the other had said.  DIFFICULT, not to put in your own "two cents", for that amount of time (15 minutes)!

Today The Mom has some brand new Voyager (gr. 1/2) curriculum to look over–fun, fun!

Walk to Rivendell:  We camp in Chetwood, east of Archet.

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