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Late posting today, because of WAITING for pictures to upload… ended up leaving and coming back later (MUCH later–after lunch) and it STILL said "please wait…"  So, closed that and checked the gallery anyway–and the pictures were there. o_O

Sooo… here they are:

They’re called "Mona Lavender Swedish Ivy" (NOT "Lady… something").
This is several days ago…

And these next two are from just the other day.  You can’t really see the purple so much, since the sun is making them look almost transparent.  (Maybe if you click on it to enlarge?)

Here you can also see the "Autumn Joy Stonecrop", the one that went from blushing pink to burgandy.

My but we do NOT LIKE this "scrapbook"-picture-thingy on LJ!!

Walk to Rivendell:  On the 8th day of our travels (the first one from Bree–Sept. 30th), we went 12 miles, for a total of 147 since we left Hobbiton!

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