step back, and step forward again

Just sitting here relaxing, having a pleasant visit with home-from-rez Student.

Yesterday was a "bubble-burst" day.  Sam came down with a bad flu Wednesday night (5 other kids on his floor had it), and it triggered a flare-up of his Crohn’s.  Which means it is NOT totally healed.  Could be because he thought honey-garlic wings were OK for those last months during the Spring, when the honey sauces probably had starches and sugars as well.  Or, could be because the book says it usually takes 2 years to heal Crohn’s.  Was all that work of the one year worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!!  Here’s why:

  • He got on the scales this morning:  145 lbs.!!!  To think he was once down to 115… it will never, ever, ever, EVER, be as bad as it was at the beginning!!!!
  • See how quickly we jumped "back on":  did up some home-made sausage yesterday for his lunches next week to have with cheese, bought a bunch of raw nuts and roasted & salted them, made the special diet cookies (weren’t we just talking about those the other day!? They’re not for gaining weight this time, but to help him resist sugar & other treats next week), made almond-crusted chicken for supper ("funnily" enough, The Mom was already planning that, to use up the nut flour!!), salmon planned for tonight;
  • All that "spring" cleaning got done just in time–everything is so much easier now.
  • Already he’s feeling much better, and NO trouble eating his meals… he’s going on the diet for 1 week, and if he gets sick again, maybe a little longer… we’ll see and decide as we go.  Maybe it’ll just be a recourse for whenever he has a flare-up.  And he could decide to do the 2-year thing at a "future date".

And it’s funny how it feels good to know that he has the love & concern of an additional person–his Sweet Girl.  Lots of sunshine… everything is going to be/IS just fine!

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