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We confess, there is often such a feeling of laziness on a Sunday after church, that it’s hard to get these sermon notes down–and sometimes they must come across rather haphazard. Which would never do justice to the great speakers who delivered them!

Continuing on the theme of the parables and the Kingdom of God, today’s was the one about the Mustard Seed.  Craig wanted to speak to 3 areas: Missions, the Economic Crisis, and the Upcoming Elections.  As he pointed out, Christians must not only be concerned for missions, but for the other two, more practical issues as well.  In fact, his sermon title was "Subverting the World Order", and he gave a very good example of what he meant by that:  about 20 years ago in Nepal, there wasn’t a single Christian church.  The government asked a missionary organization to come in and help them in practical ways (education, etc.) on the CONDITION that they would NOT plant churches.  They accepted.  Today, there are millions of Christians, in huge, 3-story churches!  It started by Christians coming in and helping, and simply making friends/being friends to people, and showing by their example, the love of God.  It started very small, like a mustard seed–this is called by someone "The Mustard Seed Conspiracy".

He also reminded us to keep a "mustard seed perspective" during the economic crisis; and rather than give in to greed, make sure we’re following Micah 6:8, which says we need to "love justice, do good," etc.  A little south of Nepal, in India, Christians are being burned for their faith… sometimes we need to think of our own problems in a global perspective (not that God doesn’t care about every detail, he reminded us).

Same thing when we go to vote:  there are good, Christian arguments from ALL the parties.  We need to vote "subversively, from the perspective of the Kingdom of God"… we understand that to mean, as God is leading us to vote, knowing that He has the future in control.

Craig concluded by saying that we should be subversive (subtle in sharing Christ?), practical, and while keeping a heavenly perspective, not to the extent that we’re "no earthly good"!

Craig said that the Church is not THE Kingdom of God, (like institutions–they fail because they are run by humans)–but they/the Church is simply a foreshadow of the future:  where a visible, eternal God reigns in righteousness as perfect Judge (Isa. 2).  And we sang lots of songs about that today, too, the kind that can make your skin tingle!

Walk to Rivendell:  The ground is dropping slowly as we go along.

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