His mysterious ways

She’s far too emotional, The Mom, and she knows it–she feels dumpy when she knows she shouldn’t, and then a conversation with a doctor gets her so excited she can hardly sleep!

You see, between dusting and washing windows yesterday, the thoughts kept crowding in:  sure the Diet made him feel better within 24 hours, but how long will he be able to stick to it?  He’s SO sick of that Diet, he’d been so very happy to be eating regular food!  How long before he starts feeling sick again?  We’d just finally settled into believing he’d really been healed… but I KNOW it’ll come back…

The Dad had been after them right away, to call the doctor, to talk of other solutions.  The Mom was hesitant, thinking that they’d be better to wait until he was sick again–you don’t go to a doctor just to say you were feeling bad for a couple of days, but now you’re all better.  So with busily getting things in order for Sam to be back on the Diet for several days, she kept forgetting about phoning the doctor.  She ended up emailing the phone number to him on Monday.  They said maybe he could even just talk to the doctor by phone, rather than going in for an appointment–but we all doubted that.  And specialists are usually booked up for weeks.

But he DID!  Talk to the stomach doctor, I mean, by phone!  And yes, there is a treatment that is quite possible for him now that he’s gained all his weight back (and more!)  This doctor has gone up several notches in our books, for many reasons:

  • He said right at the beginning:  "We’re not just going to treat this, we’re going to ‘cure’ it."  We thought he meant get it into remission (you don’t "cure" Crohn’s)–but no, he said that it’s obviously been "not cured, but in remission" (with the Diet).
  • He was quite willing to try the Diet, in the first place.
  • People had been saying that doctors don’t seem to understand about the little bugs multiplying–but when we started to explain about the Diet, he mentioned the theory behind it right away:  trying to starve those bugs.
  • He doesn’t "jump on" the idea of using drugs right away–he said it was the flu that stirred it up this time, but if it ever comes back for no reason, to call and we’ll catch it/treat it right away.
  • He stirs up hope:  he says it may NEVER bother him again (it’s the nature of Crohn’s–you just don’t know).  Either way, we have a plan in place!

Did you notice how that worked out?  Usually The Mom is the one who phones the doctor and makes an appointment, but "for some reason" she ended up giving Sam the number to call himself.  And the very day she’s been bothered by those thoughts, she later hears about the new "plan".  Yay God!

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