happy Yom Kippur, Atonement, and Thanksgiving (correct my terms?)

First item of business for today will be packing for a weekend at Nanny & Pappy’s–Home of the Best Pumpkin Pie and Best Apple Pie in the Universe!!  It’s really quite excruciating if you have to choose only one or the other!

The Mom was hoping to have lost some more weight before this Feasty-Weekend, but missing walks a couple of days hindered that.  At least she hasn’t gained any!

One of the best things we can wish for all of you (even if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving), is to have weather as wonderful as we’ve got in store, this weekend!  Sounds shallow, yes, but weather DOES affect one’s mood, and on to other things from there.

Well, OK, here’s something else for you then:


"The moment
I called out,
You stepped in;
You made my life large with strength."
(from Psalm 138)

Walk to Rivendel
l:  We’ve left the settled areas of Bree-Land far behind us.

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