develop raw honesty

Well, they’re back once again from a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend–and they brought a little bit of Heaven back with them:  one of Nanny’s Pumpkin pies!!  With strong suggestions to be sure and leave it in the freezer until The Student is home to share it!  She made an extra one for each of her kids, isn’t that neat?  The Mom should really get her recipe sometime…

And talk about a "Feasty weekend"!  Everyone felt they had to bring something to contribute–most of them surprises.  This meant that they ended up eating ribs for lunch one day, and sweet & sour meatballs for supper… I think that was the same day they had Pappy’s FABULOUS pancakes, with bacon and sausage!!  That was the day after the Turkey Dinner, of course (eaten outside, 15 people including 3 small ones).  Nanny thought she might have leftovers of that, but while I’m not sure she did, she’ll have leftovers of all the other, unexpected food!  At least a New Plan is in place for treadmill workouts:  first thing in the morning a couple of times a week, leaving time in the evening for walks.  On the weekend The Mom will still do her favourite-time evening workout, which makes her all comfortably exhausted for sleeping well.

We have some more great quotes for you this morning, from another of Peterson’s introductions.  This one has a fair bit of explanation of why he did the "Message" translation, since it’s for the first book that he did:  Psalms.  He explains how he would give a book of Psalms to people who would say that they didn’t know how to pray; but the early translations "often sound smooth and polished, sonorous with Elizabethan rhythms and diction.  As literature, they are beyond compare.  But as prayer, as the utterances of men and women passionate for God in moments of anger and praise and lament…" of course, they fall short.  "The Psalms in Hebrew are earthy and rough.  They are not genteel.  They are not the prayers of nice people, couched in cultured language."  He says we need to "develop raw honesty" in our praying.

Walk to Rivendell:  We are now in the empty lands of Eriador.

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