tread, tread, tread

Things feel vaguely weird these days, and I’m getting an idea of why that may be… The Mom hasn’t had to do any baking for SO long! (Was it last week?)  Ah well, it’ll soon be time to load up the freezer for Christmas!  We’ll worry about Sam’s eating-problems as they arise–so far, so good!  Perhaps, after all, we were hasty in thinking it was "all coming back", just because of a few loud burps and an extra morning-sickness.  Perhaps, the flu stirred it up just enough to remind us it was still there (the Crohn’s).  Maybe it’ll stay in remission for awhile yet–maybe even for a looong while!!

This morning was The Mom’s first try at "treading the mill" BEFORE coffee and breakfast… not too bad!  Still have to work out a few quirks, in the way of timing, since she and The Dad should be passing each other on the stairs as he goes up for his after-treadmill shower, and she’s on the way down right away to do her workout.

She still feels like she could curl up and have a very good sleep, though.  There MIGHT be some of that energy that they promise comes after a workout, but she COULD also nap, and nap well!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re still trudging away in these empty lands of Eriador, on this Oct. 1st, the 9th day since we left Bag End (NOT the "9th day of travel" like we’ve said other times, since not every day has been a "travel day"–one day of rain was spent at Tom Bombadil’s, for example.)

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