good good good (but, too bad… )

Yes, we’re quite late at posting today… but at least the LAST of the Cinderella pictures are about to be put up on Facebook!  The Mom has finally finished putting all the special borders on them, added all the highlight-stars she wanted to, etc. etc.  The neat ones she "discovered" at the end, have to do with putting together the wedding couple and the fireworks…

Anyway, there wasn’t really a sermon today–it was actually an act.  A special guest did a solo performance of the Prodigal Son, with hardly any props.  Very well done, he had The Mom crying of course!  It’s always good to realize anew, the Father’s love for His children.  Too bad Sam missed it, but even though he attends the Campus Life praise service and keeps The Bible Experience going, he just will not go to church unless he has to.  Which is rather disappointing for The Mom, but of course he must not realize how much it means to her.  And like the Father letting the Younger Son go off with his inheritance… well, like someone said, most of us are probably a combination of both the Younger and the Older son, who was just as "far astray" as his brother. (Read Luke 15:11ff if you don’t know the story.)

There was more to say…  OH–Sam has been VERY healthy again (Yay!)  So it’s definitely true that the "glitch" was mostly the flu, and not the Crohn’s coming back.  Which is unfortunate, because it means they had to share Nanny’s pumpkin pie…    ;)

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re not too far now, from the Midgewater marshes.

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