frost, flowers, and flour…

Well, it was 4 degrees below freezing yesterday when we got up and 4 above today, but it wasn’t until today that The Mom felt like wearing slippers.  She’s had them on already this season, but only for a short time in the morning.  AND… yesterday she actually had to scrape off the windshield, before church!!  But… the purple flowers are still purple out there.  However, we are beginning to wonder if there will still be coloured leaves, when it comes time to do the craft for the Voyagers, in a couple of weeks.

Student is finally finished his shower, so it’ll be time to cut his hair momentarily… his exam got delayed AGAIN, so he got to delay his return to Rez until tonight.  I guess they’re trying to decide how to teach a University course on map-making to a blind person… o_O  Kudos for trying!!

The Mom gets to do more baking today–muffins to use up more gluten-free flours (yes, the gf BREAD-MIX got used up, but not other stuff.)

Walk to Rivendell:  We stop and camp in eastern Chetwood.

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