never say never

Boy, it’s nice to have the Busy Time winding down, and have time for other things!  Maybe the other pictures from the summer will finally get sorted out!  And then there’s the fall pictures to download… ‘Course, there’s still a couple of rooms that need spring cleaning, too.

Our Student has been telling us about a job he’ll be doing, making some "good money", but having to work hard for it, too!  One of his journalism professors was looking for people to do online reporting during the U.S. elections–to give a Canadian perspective.  One of the requirements is that you have to have watched ALL the debates.  Even when the debate was on for the Canadian election–Sam was watching both!  So he and one other person were the only two who qualified for this job!

The hard part about online reporting, is that you don’t get time to proofread.  If you knew our Student, you would say "OH NO!!"  You see, when you’ve been raised to spell things with braille short forms… well, that’s our excuse, anyway.  Hopefully the other guy is a better speller and will catch things.  Sam is excellent with grammar–he’s one of these people who get rather aggravated with poor grammar.  (Many of our lj friends will appreciate that!)

Forgive us for bragging, but he’ll be (otherwise) very good at this job–he’s so smart about politics.  It’s funny, because whenever The Mom used to say that he should be a politician, he’d say that he hates politics!  Well, he also used to say that he’d never be a journalist…

Walk to Rivendell:  As we begin our 10th day, we come out of the Chetwood.

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