rundown, and… run down

Well, no one wondered if we’d got eaten by goblins? (*grammar*–just to bug youse!)  You didn’t even notice that we hadn’t posted for a couple of days!? :P

Lets see if we can give a quick rundown.  First of all, I must complain about last night.  There I am, stopped mid-purr by this loud rumbling.  As my ears twitch towards the "mini-thunder" exploding underneath me, The Mom erupts in silent giggling–in the midst of her physical discomfort, mind you.  So much for trying to curl up on her tummy and put some body-warmth to the problem (stuck bubbles).  She didn’t sleep much at all, but at least I caused some laughter for her.

The bread-maker rolls baked-in-the-oven with-too-much-water were delicious, by the way.  But they were a little too big to be used for sandwiches, so The Mom is going to get one of those large muffin tins (for muffin-tops) and try that, with some rapid-rise yeast.

That night (Saturday), was out to a grad party for Sam’s good friend Dave, where his parents certainly provided plenty to eat!  The next day Rej had HIS friend over, the one who does electrical things, to do some wiring for him.  So they gave him a bit of lunch and ended up asking he & his wife to dinner, which was extremely simple:  Corn Chowder in the slow cooker, with a large salad, and home-made biscuits.  (I hid, of course.)  The Mom was delighted to be doing something like that impromptu, for once, BUT:

  • the biscuits were being adapted from an scd recipe, and turned out kind of dry (and SMALL),
  • the Corn Chowder could have used more water (the gas stove adjustment-thing), and should have been a little hotter,
  • the Mrs. brought home-made Apple Crisp–which was so heavenly, and so undeserving of such a supper!
  • The Mom had to rush around and leave early, since there was no way she could miss Rob’s Ordination!

YES!  Rob finally got ordained… this is the guy that we’ve often said should be our pastor.  Problem is, "the powers that be" seem to feel that we need a flashy personality, to attract more people, to help us with our financial problems… That sounds bad, and apparently they are really trying to leave themselves open; besides, we do feel for them, they’ve had such a long, hard job.  God forbid that we should be anything but supportive!

The Ordination ceremony. *sigh*  Our "old" pastor was the speaker, and it just made The Mom wish for those old times.  You know how sometimes you just wish things could stay in a certain delightful state forever and ever.  Besides that, there was imagining how Rob’s parents and family, home church, etc. must feel… The Mom was feeling tired enough that she was afraid she might tear up too easily, so she slipped out right after the service rather than go down to the reception.  Besides, The Dad was supposed to be there (but of course had to stay with his company); AND, why be tempted by more goodies when she’d just had a good-sized dish of that scrumptious Apple Crisp?

Yesterday was a busy day (menu-planning day always is), but today is not bad at all, so you can bet that there will be some NAPPING going on!

Walk to Rivendell:  We continue on in the Midgewater Marshes, on this 10th day since we left Bag End, Oct. 2nd.

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