we’re not saying anything about you-know-what (that’s wet, cold.. and white)

The Mom is slooowly getting caught up on some of that lost sleep.  This morning she pulled herself up, knowing that when she heard Rej on the treadmill downstairs, it was time for her to get up and get ready, so that she could turn the coffee on as he goes up for his shower and she goes down for her turn on the treadmill.  Shortly after VERY reluctantly dragging herself out of bed, she realized that it was only 5:30!!  HE got up early, ‘cos he couldn’t sleep… then SHE couldn’t sleep!  Ah well, that’s what she gets for not waiting for the alarm.  Now that she’s all worked-out and showered, maybe she’ll be able to have a nap.

Found some interesting facts for you, about minister’s/priest’s vestments, from the back of Rob’s Ordination bulletin:

THE STOLE:  is a modern version of an ancient towell, "linked to the one used by Christ in washing the feet of his disciples."  It is therefore a "symbolic reminder that ordination is always for the sake of service."

ROBES:  Wearing black robes (known as a "Geneva gown"), started in the Reformation, when preachers began wearing their academic gowns–as a rejection of wearing fancier robes and "alienating the congregation", and also making a "statement on the importance of scholarly training and learned preaching".  Today, it may cover a business suit or whatever–"directing attention away from the individual personality" and towards the office as ordained minister.

Walk to Rivendell:  We slog along, still in the Midgewater Marshes.

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