Some like to keep it on, some like to take it off…

My, we’re really getting lazy about posting, aren’t we?  It seems we get caught up on checking out everyone’s photos on Facebook, etc.  Yesterday, there were ultrasound photos of Cinderella’s Next… amazing how clear they can be these days!  Then, The Mom got into an msn conversation with her brother–the one whom Sam "inherited" his Crohn’s from.  That’s another amazing thing:  he ALSO had a "flare up", also triggered by the flu.  He’d been (ALSO) quite healthy & put a lot of weight back on–his improvement caused by an operation–and then had to watch carefully what he was eating, again.  The Mom had quickly emailed him an "emergency plan" of what to eat, from her wealth of experience with Sam’s strict diet, and it turns out he did follow the advice and is now "doing well".  He did the diet for a short time, and is now just being careful.  And he’s keeping in mind the same thing Sam is:  if there’s ever a flare-up for no reason (like the flu), they need to speak to their doctors right away, so they can have treatment before they lose too much weight.

SPEAKING of weight, The Mom is all excited ‘cos she lost another pound!  I know that doesn’t seem like much, but the thing is that she’d expected to have gained some weight after Thanksgiving… although she may have indeed–she just waits a few weeks after something like that, before weighing herself!

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re still in the Midgewater Marshes.

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